Our managed service basically means that we take care of everything on your behalf. Once the tenants have moved in, we will deal with any issues they might have and will of course take the rent from them on a monthly basis. We transfer this to you as soon as we have received it and you are safe in the knowledge that your tenant is being looked after as well as your property. Further to this, we carry out inspections at regular intervals throughout the duration of the tenancy, just to make sure the tenants are taking the necessary steps to ensure your property is well maintained.

When the tenants decide they want to move out, they hand their written one month’s notice to us and we arrange to meet them there on the final day of their tenancy to inspect the property. We take back the keys and then arrange for any cleaning or other such work to be carried out if necessary. We return their bond and move on to the next tenant.

Please bear in mind that we will re-market the property as soon as we receive the written notice from the tenant, in order to increase the chances of replacing the tenant immediately with a new one.

Our fees for this service are a one off Tenant Finders Fee of £300.00 plus VAT and an ongoing management fee of 10% plus VAT of the monthly rent.

Tenant Find Only

With our tenant find only service, once we have handed the keys to the tenant on their move in date, the rest is over to you. The tenants will contact you personally, should they need any assistance or if something needs attention. We will not be involved at any stage after the move in date, until you ask us to re-market the property.

Our fees for this service are a one off Tenant Finder Fee of the equivalent of one months rent plus VAT.

With Either Service...

We still market the property fully in the same places, accompany viewings and conduct thorough credit and reference checks. We produce professional, letter headed Tenancy Agreements and Full Photographic Inventories – a copy of which is retained by us, another emailed to yourselves and of course another for the tenant(s).

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